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Lear’s suite of connectivity solutions ensures secure network-integrated communications, delivering state-of-the-art signal and data management to vehicles. Our expertise in on-vehicle network management, coupled with the latest in communications technologies and a dedication to cybersecurity, enables advanced connected car solutions such as over-the-air software upgrades, remote commands, diagnostic management, car-sharing solutions and safety advancements utilizing V2X communications.

  • 1.Cellular Wi-Fi + Bluetooth:
  • 2.V2X: Lear offers a comprehensive V2X solution to OEM. Lear V2X solution is certified by USDOT and OmniAir based on the latest standards. We offer both RSU (Road Side Unit) and OBU (On Board Unit). Lear has more than 50,000 units deployed in the field. Lear’s V2X solution comprises of full suite of protocol stack and 30+ safety applications that are field proven and deployed in various pilots. Our solution is fully compliant with US, ETSI and China standards. Lear V2X software suite is agnostic to the radio technology (C-V2X or DSRC) and chipset vendor.
  • 3.Positioning:
  • 4.Gateway:

Our global team’s leadership in gateway modules, vehicle electrical architecture, and connectivity applications is based on the vision to deliver the world’s leading integrated connectivity system for driver comfort, safety, and security.


  • ConnexUs Connectivity Module
  • 澳门永利402

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